Friday, 30 December 2005

22C3 sucked

The 22C3 conference was a big disappointment. Probably, I would have liked it, if I would have been into LAN partying and collective websurfing. But I'm not.

I'm interested in knowledge. From 22C3's speaker schedule, I had the impression that this was be about knowledge. It was rather about speakers with bad English and topics with no substance. It was about community self motivation where many statements about the needed actions against patents and surveillance were heard but not plans were shown. On the other extreme and a few hours later, this lack of substance was contrasted with too much substance, a talk so rich in detail that the audience was unable to follow the theoretic theorms of how "thinking" is possible. Nice, but inappropriate for a security audience.

I sold my conference card before it expired.

Monday, 19 December 2005

A new blog on the web - hurray!

The web will see the raising of a new blog.. mine! Finally, the world'sbiggest problem will be solved, finally there will be no cable mess anymore behind your computer desks, you won't have to decide if you rather like pizza or eat that bar of chocolate but you will actually be able to do both! You will finally wake up with two hot chicks on Sunday instead of wondering where the other one is and why the one that's still here suddenly looks so ugly.

Yes, relax. All will be fine. This is my blog.